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At D & A Motors, we have the best tracking technology and equipment available in the motor industry - this allows us to perform excellent wheel alignment services. Getting a wheel alignment service can help to prevent long term damage to your tyres. Wheel alignment servicing helps your vehicle’s tyres to stay pointed at the right angles.

When should you get a wheel alignment service?

The best indication for this is by looking at the overall condition of your tyres. If you spot any uneven wear on them it’s most likely from your vehicle’s wheels being out of alignment. Something else to look out for is if your steering pulls to one side - even when driving on a flat road surface. Another warning sign can be excessive vibration coming from the steering wheel - this can be noticed more easily when driving at higher speeds. Poor wheel alignment can affect more than just your steering - it can also damage other parts of your vehicle including your suspension, steering and other components.

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D & A Motors can provide bespoke wheel alignment servicing

Our team of highly qualified technicians can provide a wide selection of wheel alignment services - whether it’s for the front wheel, back wheel or or four. Most of the alignment problems take place on the front wheels as they are more likely to get moved around from day to day while driving. Front wheels are also the most important as they work in line with your vehicle steering. There are a number of reasons why all four vehicle wheels can become misaligned including general wear and tear, uneven road surfaces, potholes, speed bumps and bumping kerbs.

You can book your wheel alignment service with us six days a week as we’re open from Monday to Saturday.

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