Fault code reading and diagnostic tools in Angmering

If you don’t know what the problem is with your car but you can tell something’s not quite right, or your vehicle goes into limp mode thus preventing you from going fast then we recommend bringing your car to us at D&A Motors as soon as possible. Often, the issue is just a minor fault within your vehicle’s engine unit, but our car inspection and diagnostic tool can help identify exactly where the issue is coming from.

On occasion, the problem can be quite serious if it’s associated with your engine or oil system so we highly recommend getting your car looked at as soon as possible. This can ensure that any minor issues can be found, diagnosed and repaired straight away avoiding breakdown and expensive bills on major repairs further down line.

How do you check my car for faults?

In order to perform an engine diagnostic, we will connect a car diagnostic reader to your cars’ engine control unit; the computer within your cars’ dashboard. This computer contains software that reads and scans the contents of your car, checking for fluid levels, engine stats and key coding. The diagnostic code reader will identify if any fluid levels are too low and check on the temperatures within your engine. If any problems are detected it can show our team at D&A Motors where to look, so that we can then find and repair the problem as accurately and efficiently as possible.

What happens if you find something wrong with my car?

If we find an issue or fault in your car after inspection, we will speak to you about our findings and recommend any repairs. We’ll cost up any parts, labour and VAT so you know exactly how much you will spend when you come to collect and let you know a time when your car will be ready.

My car has turned off – what do I do?

If a dashboard warning light has come on in your car, sometimes your car protects itself and turns off the engine to avoid further damage or overheating. In this case, we recommend that you don’t keep trying to drive. Call us at D&A Motors and if you’re within a 5-mile radius we can come and collect your car free of charge, and we can also drop it off to you when we’ve completed the work.

Courtesy cars

We also have courtesy cars available for customers when their repairs might take a bit longer than expected or you need to go about your day as normal. If you need to hire a courtesy car from us we recommend that you book before your car comes into our garage so we can guarantee a vehicle for you. We charge £10 plus VAT for our courtesy cars in order to cover insurance costs.

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